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Reverse Osmosis 4 stage system kit

Reverse Osmosis 4 stage system kit

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This unit includes an extra housing and fluoride specific cartridge to ensure maximum Fluoride removal.
Reverse osmosis membranes can remove contaminants down to below 10 angstroms or 10 millionths of a millimetre.
Enjoy crystal clean water straight from a tap with up to 98% of suspended and totally dissolved substances such as salt, limestone, lead, copper, aluminium, arsenic, fluoride, cadmium, mercury, nitrates and sulphates flushed away.
Production rate 50GPD under the following conditions:

  • 100psi

  • Water temperature 21c

  • 500ppm TDS

  • Nominal rejection rate over 96%

  • TFC membrane

  • Kit includes ceramic disc faucet, plv anti hammer device , hose and all fittings to tee into cold water pipe