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RoboPwer RSW3
RSW3 Robotic Vacuum and Wet Mop
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RSW3 Robotic Vacuum and Wet Mop

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RSW3 Robotic Vacuum



1: Gyroscope navigation, ensures sweeping and mopping more precise.

2: Brushless motor suction Power 800-1800 Pa, No matter dust, hair, even large debris can be cleaned efficiently

3: Remote controller, you can control your robot remotely

4: The robot will return to the home base to charge before power use up

5: Anti-collision, infrared sensors will detect obstacles, the robot will lower speed in advance to avoid collision

6: Anti-falling, drop sensor for avoid fall down from the stairs

7: Two side brushes, this design easy to clean corner and improve cleaning efficiently

8: Schedule working, robot will start to working at the scheduling time everyday, or different time everyday

9: 2600mAh Lithium Battery, Charging 3-5Hours, Working around 2 Hours

10: Low noise less 60db

11: TUYA WIFI APP anytime anywhere control your robot by mobile

12: Electronic water tank imitates real mopping




Unit Size320*320*78 mm

Unit Weight2.8 kg

Working TimeAround 2 hours

Charging Time3-5 Hours

Input Voltage100-240Voutput Voltage19DC, 0.6A

Brushless motor Suction800-1800PA

NoiseLess 60Db

Battery2600mAh Li Battery

Dust Capacity0.6L

Water tank capacity0.35L